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Display of Guitars


The terms are the same regardless of the product, the forms are separate for organizational reasons

1. Stone House is agreeing to display the product of the Artist in our Hamilton store in exchange a percent of profit upon customer purchase.

2. All products remain property of the artist until sold to a customer.

3. The Artist picks the price the product will sell for.

4. When a product is sold, Stone House takes 15% of profits and 85% will be sent to the Artist. Appropriate sales tax will be added on at the register and not included in profits.

5. The Artist can remove their work from the store at any time

6. Stone House can choose to stop selling and return any product at any time


7. Stone House accepts responsibility for any damages incurred only from the moment we receive the product to the moment it is sold to a customer. 

8. The Artist will be paid via their preferred method out of

Check  /  Cashapp  /  Venmo  /  Paypal  /  Zelle

9. The Artist will specify the preferred frequency of pay out of 

Every time a product is sold / On a specified day of the week / On a specified day of the month

10. Stone House will contact the Artist every time a product of theirs is sold 

Download for for musical instruments/equipment/gear

Download for art/physical copies of music/merch

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