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Instrument Repair

At Stonehouse, we are passionate about your instrument. We treat each instrument with the highest level of care and perform exacting work to exceed the customer's expectation. We work efficiently and with great attention to detail to ensure your instrument plays its best. To ensure your satisfaction, we offer a 30-day repair satisfaction guarantee. If you're experiencing financial difficulties in your life, we believe you should still be able to make music, so talk to us and we will do everything we can to keep your cost down. 

Guitar Setups

Standard setup (including choice of strings) - $80

Setup + Partial Fret Dress - $110

Setup + Full Fret Level Crown & Polish - $150

*Note: Floyd Rose/Locking Tremolo Setup base rate is $120

String change for standard instruments (not including strings) $20

String change for non standard instruments $25

Acoustic Guitar Bridge Work

Bridge reglue (includes setup) $200

Bridge replacement (includes setup) $200 + cost of new bridge

Tube amp, cabinet, and pedal full price and wait time varies and is determined in person. $60 bench fee

Crack Repair

CA repair include setup $120

Hairline cracks repaired with wood glue and cleats including setup $200

Split Crack/Impact damage include setup $350


Complete rewire $225

Pickup replacement (per pickup, standard pickups) $40

Pickup replacement (per pickup, non-standard* pickups) $60

*Note: Non-standard pickups require modification to the instrument for installation.

Nut Installation

Premade synthetic nut $55

Custom made synthetic nut $100

Handmade bone nut $150

Level Crown Polish

Unbound board $90

Bound Board $120

Lacquered maple $150

Saddle Installation

Premade synthetic nut $55

Custom made synthetic nut $100

Handmade bone nut $150

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